About Us

Founded in 2006, Artists Emerge is leading a new era of dance competition & convention with the purpose of providing a meaningful experience for every level of dancer through education, training, and healthy competition.


We are committed to providing the greatest dance experience by promoting community, respect, positivity, and above all having fun.




Established in 2006, Artists Emerge was created by dancers, for dancers! The AE Management Team collectively cover the spectrum of international adjudicators, choreographers, multi-industry producers and play an active part in the Canadian Dance Community. We have over 100 years of  combined competition experience.


We believe education and training are critical factors for dancers to reach their true potential, which is why we are a competition as well as a convention! We provide the opportunity for dancers to meet and train with some of the best choreographers in the world. We give away thousands of dollars in scholarships every year to our convention as well as the worlds best conventions so our dancers can continue to train throughout the year.


Artists Emerge is changing the way people look at dance competitions and paving the way by bringing together the urban street dance community and the traditional multi-discipline dance competition in a way that supports and respects each dance style.

We have created an exciting, professional, and modern competition that provides specific and relevant feedback from qualified judges.

Unique elements that make Artists Emerge stand out among the rest include our “Learn It, Perform It“, the Allstar categories, separating the Hip Hop and multi-discipline Finals, and hiring a separate judging panel for the street dance competition.


Artists Emerge has partnered with reputable talent agencies who are looking for dancers who have what it takes and want to make a career out of dancing. We believe it’s important for dancers to get the opportunity to work with the headliners in a performance intensive setting during our “Learn It, Perform it” which simulates what it would be like to be on a TV series or audition and perform under pressure. We strive to support dancers and give as many opportunities as we can to our dance family.


Let’s not forget that dance is something we all love and are passionate about! Our staff make it their personal mission to make sure the tone of the event is fun, encouraging, and a place of joy! We truly do strive to be everyone’s favourite competition  with the purpose of providing a meaningful experience for every level of dancer through education, training and healthy competition.



As Canada’s first Competition & Convention, we are proud to offer relevant, working professionals and educators as part of our esteemed panel of adjudicators. Our Headliners offer insight and give great feedback to our dancers and their choreographers to take their dancing to the next level. We have classes for every age division and discipline, including classes specifically designed for teachers and choreographers.
Prior to the Finals, we host a full day dance convention so the dancers get a chance to work with the faculty and incorporate what they learn into their performances.


We hold a “Learn It, Live It” experience where up to 50 dancers from the audition portion of the Teen convention get the chance to learn a 1.5 minute piece from one of our celebrity headliners. This will be the featured in the Multi-Discipline Finals.


We only hire the industry’s most reputable and qualified professionals to adjudicate our events. Our judging panel is comprised of three multi-disciplined adjudicators and two international street dance adjudicators to provide meaningful, specialized, and relevant feedback to each dance discipline. We host a Multi-Disciplined Finals and a Street Dance Finals as we believe they are two extremely different categories of dance, and we want to respect all dance disciplines.


Our Teacher convention is specifically designed with your teachers’ continued education and skill development in mind. We understand that your faculty sacrifice a lot for their students and don’t always have time to travel abroad to train with the top choreographers in the scene. We offer FREE teacher conventions depending on the amount of students you have registered in our convention.


We are an experienced team comprised of studio owners, industry professionals, and international choreographers who judge internationally and produce events worldwide. Our attention to detail along with remaining current and relevant to dancers has been key to our success. We aren’t just hosting a dance competition; we’re building a community that celebrates and respects all dance disciplines under one roof.

Regardless of your age, dance discipline, or level of experience, all are welcome at Artists Emerge where we continually strive to be your favourite dance competition.

Mark Ward

Mark Ward

Co-Founder, CEO & Studio Owner

Luke Geldert

Luke Geldert

Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Studio Owner

Scott Forsyth

Scott Forsyth

Managing Partner & International Choreographer

Lisa Friedl

Lisa Friedl

Awards Manager

The event was really organized. I was surprised how supportive everyone was of each other! LYLE BENIGA