We’ve expanded on the criteria for the Open Division to keep up to date with current trends in our community.

If you are unsure if your dancer should be in the Open Division, or are looking to request a special exemption, please contact info@artistsemerge.com with the full details of the dancer in question. We are fully committed to providing a fair and fun competition for all dancers and are happy to work with studios in this matter.

2017-18 Season Definition

The Artists Emerge OPEN DIVISION is reserved for dancers of any age who make income off of teaching or paid dance performances.
Includes, but is not limited to: Performing for live artists, videos or television and instructing studio classes, workshops, summer/winter intensive camps.


  1. Do teachers assistants in studio/company classes need to register in the Open Division? No. Assistant teachers are not considered “Open” unless they teach on their own.
  2. Does a dancer who only teaches the occasional summer/winter workshop need to register in the Open Division? Maybe. If a dancer only ever teaches a seasonal workshop and does not instruct professionally otherwise, they do not need to register as “Open” – however we ask that studio owners use their discretion in determining whether the dance community views this dancer as a semi-professional or professional dancer that is better suited to the Open Division. Please contact Artists Emerge if you are unsure at info@artistsemerge.com
  3. Do dancers who teach free classes or workshops occasionally need to register as an “Open” dancer? No – they do not. Please email info@artistsemerge.com if you are unsure,

What is an Open Group?

A Large or X-Large Group is Open when there are 5 or more dancers that meet the Open criteria above.
A Small Group is Open when 50% or more dancers meet the Open criteria above.

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