We have moved from the previously announced Solos, Duets & Trios Day 1 venue: The Citadel to the:

Renaissance Edm Airport Hotel

This will save audience members from paying a Citadel imposed surcharge on their ticket along with other issues that made this venue unsuitable.

What’s awesome about the Renaissance?

  1. Very easy to get to.
  2. Free validated parking. Pick up your validated passes upon leaving from the AE Ticketing Booth in the lobby
  3. Private Washrooms for our event, adjacent to the Cartier Ballroom. Great for make-up touch-ups & costume adjustments.
  4. There is a a great restaurant in the Hotel so access to food is very convenient throughout the day.
  5. We have booked a space next to the Ballroom for solos, duets & trios to rehearse.
  6. There is a Starbucks, in the lobby. You’re welcome teachers.