When will the Convention schedule be available?

A: The schedule will become available Jan 5th & will be posted on our web site & emailed with all registration confirmation packages. Unless otherwise noted, all conventions Registration opens 30 mins before the 1st class.

Can I register as an Individual without my studio?

A: Yes. It is preferred for dancers to register with their studios, but if your studio is not attending, you are welcome to register as an individual.

How do I register as a scholarship recipient?

A: Congratulations on being awarded an Artists Emerge scholarship! To register, send an email to with a photo of the scholarship, your first and last name and which convention/city you will be attending.

I won more than one scholarship, can someone else use it or can I save it for next year?

A: Our scholarships are non-transferable & are only valid for the year in which they were received.


Do you accept day of registrations?

A: Yes, space permitting. Please email ahead of time to check if there is space available.

What forms of payments do you accept?

A: For pre-registrations via your studio, we accept Studio Cheque, Certified Cheque, Money Order, VISA and MasterCard. Personal Cheques are not accepted. On the day of the convention we accept cash only.

Where do I go once I arrive at the convention venue?

A: One representative from each studio/group will go the ‘Prepaid’ area at the AE registration desk to pick up the group’s wristband package. If you have registered with your studio, please meet your teacher or studio representative at a place pre-determined by your group to receive your wristband. Each dancer does not have to check in individually, unless you are registered as an Individual Registrant.

Do you provide food for the dancers?

A: Food is not provided by AE. Each convention venue is different. Most venues choose to set up a concession stand with sandwiches, etc. available for purchase during the breaks & lunchtime. It is recommended to bring snacks, a bagged lunch, & water for in between classes. Please feel free to bring a refillable water bottle to use at the provided water stations.

Q: Can I purchase your merchandise after the convention?

A: Yes! The Finals is the last day where you can purchase .

Q. Are there different faculty members at each convention?
A. Each city will differ slightly, but we have three Headliners who will be in BOTH cities: Kate Harpootlian, Amanda Cleghorn and Scott Forsyth.



Q. Which level should my child or student be registered in?
A. Artists Emerge has two levels: Junior (ages 12 & under) & Teen/Senior ( ages13 & up).
The minimum age to attend is 7 years old as of the 1st day of the convention being attended. We do not recommend placing dancers in a level by age alone, but by a combination of age & years of training. Parents who are unsure of where to place their child should consult their studio director for a recommendation. We want the dancers leaving feeling challenged but encouraged.
The following are our recommendations:
Junior: Ages 7 years -12 years &/or 1-5 years of training
Teen/Senior: Ages 13 years and up &/or 6 =+ years of training.

Q. Once at the convention, what if I feel like I am registered in the wrong level?
A. We want every dancer to get the most out of their time with us. If you feel after your 1st class that you’d like to change levels please come and tell an AE staff member. We’re here and happy to help find the right level for you.

Q. Is there a minimum age for the Teacher Level?
A. The minimum age for the teacher workshop is 18 years.

Q. Do I have to pre-register for an Observer’s Pass?
A. No you don’t. Observer’s Passes can be purchased at the registration desk on the day of the convention.

Q. Where do I go once I arrive at the convention venue?
A. When you arrive there will be AE staff to help direct you to where you need to be, as well clear signage.

Q. Is there someone to watch my child during breaks?
A. No there is not. We recommend selecting a parent chaperone or two to watch over “you group” during these unattended times.

Q. I can only attend for one day, what is the cost?
A. Doesn’t apply to us.

Q. I do not dance a particular style (tap/lyrical…) do I have to take the class?
A. You don’t have to, but we recommend you do! You never know it could become your new favourite discipline and you wouldn’t know unless you gave it a shot:)

Q. Do I have to take part in the Audition Class?
A. No you don’t have to, but we promise you’ll learn a lot and have a great time will doing so:)

Q. Can Obervers & Teachers watch the Audition Class?
A. Studio Directors & Teachers are invited to watch but unfortunately not parents with Observer Passes. We like to keep this class as intimate as possible to help the dancers really let go and not feel the extra nerves of too many onlookers.